Sunday, April 25, 2010

This time, it's not my fault

I have a very dear friend that I met at the gym. Since then, our training has never been the same - and we're famous there for talking more than exercising. Despite of that, I found out that my dear friend, S., also secretly likes knitting! She always says we're very much alike, and I think we truly are! :)

The problem is that, despite her grandmother have been famous in the knitting world and have been the owner of a needle shop where she taught knitting, S. didn't know how to make anything but purl. And she had only ventured with scarves. Such a waste!

It was then that she had the idea of making a shrug, and I said I'd do it together - this way I could learn from my mom and my friend L., and then I'd teach her.

I give you the shrug:

Logically this picture is from the pattern. My friend started before me, frogged inumerous times and has already finished the back. She most certainly also has frogged and finished the sleeves a couple more times.  My shrug, however, remained tiny. A few weeks later, S. gave up making the shrug - she herself was tired of frogging and remaking it, until her mother freaked out e frogged it entirely! It seems like my poor friend didn't find much incentive to make the shrug, but I think that after all her mother realized that she really wanted to learn, so she decided to teach her. Now they're both knitting hats and slippers to donate to the elders, isn't it nice?

And after all that, my shrug has grown:

I'm very proud of myself, I've been learning a lot with the shrug! Increases, decreases, and even fitting the pattern to my own body - who'd have thought, huh? In the end, my version is coming along so different from the original that I don't even care about changing the pattern. EZ would be proud of me, wouldn't she? ;-)

S. had given me homework, to make at least 4 rows a day. I was trying! But after the shrug finally started growing, I can only find time for it. I think it will be the first to leave the WIPs list.

What's left to finish: Sleeves and front.

Why I can't finish it: I needed to cast on 80 stitches, which for me is a lot, and therefore it took me a while to finish a row. But this is the project in which I have being worked the most, so I have high hopes.

What I can do to finish it: do my homework. :) And profit the weekends. Maybe take it to work to do it during lunch time? Anyway, since I have S.'s incentive, it's keeping a steady pace.

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