Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Many mistakes together

Here goes another WIP: my purse made in the knitting board.

I've started making this purse exactly because I wanted to start a project I was SURE I could finish fast. Oh the irony... The first mistake was to use black yarn. My eyes burned all the time, because I couldn't see well what I was doing. Then I got the pink yarn to use them together, what made it all better. Ah, freedom is bliss! Since it's for me, it doesn't matter, right?

What's left to finish: the second part of the bag. And probably some lining.

Why I can't finish it: the knitting part isn't the problem. But I'll have to buy straps for the purse - and I've decided I want pink faux-leather straps. Which means, more packages arriving by mail. Not that I don't enjoy them, but... money does not fall from sky, does it?

What I can do to finish: buy the straps, for sure. And probably some fabric for the lining - how about pink satin? Ah, yes, sure! Finish the knitting part too, right?

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