Sunday, January 16, 2011

Something new

I'm posting with my cell phone for the first time. For this test, I'll show you what I've worked on today:

... The picture should be here. This little program seems to have a mind of its own. I don't even know where the graphic signs are here! (not that it matters too much for the English version...)

(I thought I'd lost everything after I wrote that... Ah, the technology...)

Anyway, today I fixed a pair of jeans (shortening the legs, what's that called?) and remake a cell phone case - it was horrible the first time, so I frogged everything. Let's see if I'm happy with the results.

This test is due to the fact that tomorrow I start at a new job - with no access to the internet, this time. So, nothing better than a woman prepared, and capable of blogging whenever she wants, right?

Well, actually, that will depend on how much the cell phone company is going to charge me for it... ;-)

Wish me luck!