Monday, February 8, 2010

WIPs of the week

Last week I've got some WIPs moving (now I think I have to give status at the blog, besides the dozens of status meetings I have at work - this is a bad sign, isn't it?).

For your delight, I'll show you for the first time how my first knitting project is going. First I'd like to explain that I had already started by the obvious - a scarf - but I just gave up. The yarn and the needles were so thin that it took too long to show. The lack of experience didn't help either. So I bought a magazine and looked for something that were useful and simple to start. Scarfs are useful, but I have many that I've made in the knitting board, and we don't even have that much cold here. This is the project that caught my eye:

Sorry for the bad picture, I just couldn't make the reflex go away from the magazine... But isn't the purse gorgeous? I've already made the low part, front and back:

The color is very pretty in person (it wasn't a happy day for pictures, was it?). I also like the original color, but this was mommy's gift and I love it! ;-) It really is a very nice brown, I'll use the purse a lot when it's done.

And we also had progress in the famous nativity scene!

I finished the design, so then I had to pick a color for the sky:

Now look, in the original the fabric was dyed in dark blue, so it didn't have to be stitched. But I don't like dying fabrics - remember?, I'm not into getting dirty. Something that I'd certainly do if I decided to dye anything in the apartment. So I went to my threads and got every dark blue I got. Some were too bright when compared to the design, and I had one that was too dark. So I picked this one:

Can you imagine what it will look like? Very well, notice this detail: this color, for some reason, doesn't have the strap with the number! (note to the English version: does anyone know the name for that? I'm not sure it's called strap...) I had to wait days till I could go to the nearest needlework store (quite expensive, by the way). I've found the color - or the closest possible, sometimes it's hard to be sure. I've bought three skeins, to be safe, because after all I still have two more scenes to complete the nativity.

And speaking of knitting boards, I had started a purse to entertain myself (imagine that!). I love the knitting board, the work shows up fast! I wanted to make a black purse, but I gave up right in the beginning, I couldn't see the stitches with that yarn. Then I found a yarn ball I got as a gift and decided to use the two of them together.

I still don't know if I'll keep this purse... it ended up with a rather messy look... maybe I'll add some detail like a fabric flower and then the messy yarn mix makes more sense. We'll see.

Well, that's it. This week I'll probably attack that nativity sky, and I also wanted to make a project I've drawn up yesterday for the A Make A Month project.

Ah, yes... that's another one that Méri set me up. She decided to join the A Make A Month and there I went after her... but it will be to our own good, I'm sure! ;-) If you want to join too, follow the link! The idea from the blog Angharad is to get rid of all those things we keep buying because they're absolutely gorgeous and we keep imagining all the wonderful things we'll do with them... and we never do! So I intend to use some fabric I have here to accomplish the February challenge - keep your fingers crossed for me!