Monday, April 26, 2010

Proof of UFOs existence

That's exactly what you read: UFOs do exist! Of course the crafty type, the infamous UnFinished Objects (I thought it was prOjects... tsc tsc). This is one of the oldest I have - and they haunt me:

Can you see the parts of a little house showing? Very well, I've started this project YEARS ago! I don't even know how many, but I know I still lived with my parents. Hmmm no... oh, I can't remember! Imagine that!

Well, I started following the project in a magazine (that doesn't even exist anymore, oh my God!). It was the first time I saw the "3D cross-stitch". After that I discovered there are books with entire villages of embroidered little houses. Wouldn't that be just adorable?

What's left to finish: many parts. One just like the one that shows lower in the picture, that would be the opposite side of the house, the roof... hmm what would be that other piece over there in the corner? Sigh...

Why I can't finish it: the original in the magazine was embroidered with more strands in the needle (6, instead of the 2 I've used), because the plastic canvas is much more spaced. The problem with this project is the canvas: the holes are so tiny that the needle ends up hurting the fingers because it's so hard to pass it through. It even spoils the strand, that needs to be very short, and the work becomes even slower.

What I can do to finish it: try a thinner needle. I've bought a kit with needles of various types, maybe there's a really thin one there that makes it easier.

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