Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pause the WIPs

Calm down, calm down! I am not postponing my endless WIPs!

I just wanted to share a tour I took recently: I've visited the Patchwork Fair! I went on the end of the last day, and I must say it was a great idea. Some boothes had sales for the end of the event, it was not crowded, and I could see everything in peace.

What I like most in these fairs, I admit, is to be able to shop for fabric kits, which makes things easier for me. I keep looking at the kits and thinking that "this one would make a great bag", "this would look good in a foundation", "this would be a nice crazy". But it is also really cool to see what the professionals come up with, there are always new ideas to inspire.

That said, I give you my new acquisition:

Isn't it cute? I've seen this little sheep at the Semeart store booth and imediately fell in love with it. Unfortunately the store didn't have the project to sell - for what I've heard from the shop owner, it's hard trying to keep up with the orders! I think I wasn't the only one who asked about the sheep, because of the sellers reaction, but I couldn't let the opportunity pass. So, after visiting the rest of the fair, I went back there and bought the last little sheep. Twenty minutes before there were at least half a dozen, so I guess it may be considered a success.

I hope the shop doesn't mind, but I also ended up buying fabric to reproduce the little sheep - who wouldn't like to get one for a gift? I simply have to make sheep like that!

I'll be able to make a whole flock with that!

The rest of my shopping is here:

A Clover flower yo-yo maker, a project by Amy Butler for the Sophia bag (which I've been looking for for over a year!), three kits from Lee Albrecht School of Embroidery (a cross stitch, an hardanger and a blackwork), a fabric with christmas-y bears to use for Christmas, a fabric with birds pictures (beautiful!), a fabric with big flowers and a fabric kit in earthy tones (anyone see the bag they're going to turn into?).


Yes, that will soon take part in the WIPs list. But I can't miss opportunities like that, imagine how much I saved in delivering fees buying all that at the fair? And the best part: next month there's another one! :-)

Until then, keep on with the WIPs and more images of my new mascot:


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