Thursday, April 1, 2010

Someone make me stop, please!

In the beginning of february, if I'm not wrong, the girls from the Crazy Knitting Ladies discussion group decided to enter a regional version of Ravelry's challenge and make 10 scarves in 2010. It seemed so easy! And I just L-O-V-E taking part in projects like that, in which many people do the same project at the same time.

My suggestion for the challenge was the Drift Scarf by Betz White - the story is lovely, read in her blog! The first scarf should be done by the end of march, and I decided to start with it.

I've bought the Sedificada yarn, from Pingouin - oh, it's so soft! I also bought bamboo needles, to try them out. I hated the needles (the yarn does not slide on them), but I loved the yarn!

What's left to finish: practically everything, I must have made about four rows, only. Betz was lucky to use a thick yarn and a huge needle - but who said it's possible to find yarn like that over here? That's why I had to cast on the double of stitches of the original, which takes a lot more time to knit.

Why I can't finish it: I don't think I'll have problems with this project, despite the new stitch I'll have to learn in a few rows. It really is just a matter of making it.

What I can do to finish it: like I said, prioritize. Just do it.

I have to quit this habit of starting new things. They're just piling up around the house... Good thing I held myself up and didn't join a SAL (stitch-a-long), but it was tough: look what Elena, from Coeur de Freesia, is doing. Isn't it cool?

Well, after all I have given up the challenge. With my list of WIPs, there's no chance I can make 10 scarves this year. And let's not forget I'm in A Make a Month project... (was it only me that rolled eyes now? I'm hopeless.)

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