Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Small projects, satisfaction garanteed

I like small projects. Big projects, like the Nativity scene, are really nice to make, sometimes they challenge us - whether it is to learn a new technique or due to some difficulty that only after surpassing it we'll come to the desired result.

Small projects, in turn, have other very attractive characteristics: besides being quick to make, they usually don't demand very advanced skills, and they bring the satisfaction of getting something done. Soon. "I can already wear it".

The keychain in the photo I've made last year. The project came from CraftStylish, and I took part in a draw from Superziper with it - of course, being a draw, it didn't matter the difficulty level. It was done in two hours, maximum. At the time, I still used to make my blanket stitches without going all the way to the border, but I've left this nonsense behind just a while ago, haven't I? ;-)

I always have many ongoing projects, and by the talks I have with other people that enjoy handmade and by the discussion lists, blogs and websites I follow, I know it's quite normal (for the despair of many husbands, I must say - men usually don't understand the need we have for varied materials and even different techniques for different days). Among these projects, there are no small projects - simply because they are so quick to finish that there's no time for them to get in line! They just start and finish!

When you start a more ambitious or detailed project, stop it sometimes to make a small project. The satisfaction of seeing it completed will surely give you incentive for another series of sessions with your other works in progress.

One last observation: the other keychain, that accompanied the rabbit I've made, has already broken long ago. Another proof that what's handmade is much better.

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