Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas project: Nativity scene in cross stitch

Like I said in the previous post, I've postponed all my other works in progress to dedicate my time to this one: a nativity scene in cross stitch. I wanted to do something for Christmas, and I've always wanted one of those real nativity scenes, with all the figures. It just happens that they're either too expensive or too ugly - so, looking at my old magazines, I found the pattern. It's the biggest project I've ever made in cross stitch, and I'm learning new things with it. For example: it's a whole lot more work than it looks. You know, cross stitch is kind of automatic, it's just a matter of following the design. But I've already found out a little secret: it's better to follow the colors from left to right (which is the direction I follow in the stitches). Look what the project looks like now (well, actually, I've already stitched a little more, but you'll see what I mean):


Do you see the scene? It's the shepherds, the pattern has 3 parts, the one that will go in the middle, bigger than the one in the picture, is baby Jesus in the crib, and the third one is the wise men. In the end, each part will be in a frame, with little hinges will connect them. I think it will look pretty.
But what I wanted to explain is this: I thought it would be easier to stitch everything that had the same color at once, before moving on to the next color. And because of that I need to count the little squares on the fabric every time I start a new piece of the design.
Now guess what happened... I've missed a square, of course! With such small stitches it's hard not to miss (especially because I'm only stitching at night, after doing everything else I had to do...). Do you see the twisted line coming out of the embroidery? At first I thought of adapting the design to my mistake, but I've got to the conclusion that it would just distort it. So the project that already looked hard to get done in time is even farther from finishing!
Have you ever done cross stitch scenes? How did you like the experience?

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