Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Penelope's webs

I've been feeling down about my WIPs lately. It seems like I only choose things infinitely big to make, and not having anything done to write about or use is frustrating. It's like Penelope's web - she decided to make a robe in which she worked on all day and frogged at night to stall her suitors (I read that in an English mythology site, I didn't even know this word! Hope it's right...) who came along after her husband, Ulysses, left to the Odyssey. This Garden is all about culture, huh? ;-)

Anyway, the difference here is that Penelope WANTED her robe not to be ever done, and that is definetely not my case! So I'll start a series of posts in which I'll inventory everything I have started over here and try to identify the reasons why things never come to an end. And try to make a plan so they actually get done!

I'll ask for your patience, maybe the next posts are not interesting for you... but it's something I just have to do. If I have a better view of what is holding up each one of these projects, maybe I can finish them!

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