Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You learn knitting at school – a come back!

I’ve read an article (via the Knitty Blog) from the Daily Mail, about the return of knitting to the classroom. I found it very interesting that the teachers observed many improvements in the students, especially the fact that knitting made the children talked to each other instead of playing on their phones. I honestly don’t understand why children have phones, but anyway, I still don’t have a child to analyse that need. Anywhoose, I’m really glad to know that knitting, being such an ancient art, brings back other old habits along – including the one of having good talks. J (those who attend knitting groups meet-ups completely understand that one pleasure leads to the other!)

The headmistress of the school says that knitting – also used in math and history classes – is part of a return to traditional values. I always thought that this modern world was going out of track for giving up certain things: courtesy among people, simple habits like eating at home and having family activities. Knitting (and also embroidery, sewing and all crafts that pass from generation to generation) can bring back much more than good talk among children. It can teach lots of people to turn off the TV, calm down their minds, create things with their own hands – in short, be happy!

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