Monday, December 6, 2010

Competition: The Book Depository

I have no idea where I put the photos that show how to make the stitch for the Drift Scarf, so today I'll tell you something else! :)

I recently bought some books at the website The Book Depository, following Méri's recommendations. Actually, I was a little scared, because the store sent my books separately, one package for each one, and the last to be sent arrived first. I contacted the website, and they asked me to check with the local post office if the other packages weren't there - but books do not get hold in the local office, only packages containing items that may be taxed. In the end, since it's been a while since I placed my order, the store gave me a refund for the items I still haven't received.

For my shame, two books arrived the next day.

In the knitting list, I got to know that many people are having problems with the post office lately. I believe that the amount of packages in the end of the year is bigger, which may cause late deliveries, but I also think there are internal problems there: one of my packages came with a hole, as if someone wanted to know what was inside.

I contacted the Book Depository again, and they kindly told me I could keep both the books and the refund. The last package arrived a few days later.

For all that, I think The Book Depository is a great option for people who want to buy just a few books - since the delivery is free worldwide! And their service, doing justice to the British online stores fame, was excellent.

And taking advantage of the story, the website is giving away a craft kit! Check out the information here. It's a beautiful gift, and you can take part until January 7th. Who knows you'll be the lucky winner? ;-)

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